from a dream to reality...       

Family Candles is the result of myself (Dad) wanting to show and teach my two daughters (Flora and Alivia) about being creative, while responsibly learning how to run a small business. As a father, I want to empower them at a young age to believe that they can start, and see through, anything they want to in their life. The name of our company "Family Candles" came from my oldest, Flora. They both love to be around family as much as possible, hence the name. They are both young, so the lessons to be learned are many! 
We like to have little brain storming sessions where we talk about what scents we should have for the upcoming seasons. They help me with every aspect of making our candles, from ordering the wax, melting, coloring and pouring. I hope that it is time they will always remember as they grow, it has definitely been some of the best time spent in my life. 
Their biggest question is when can we open our "store", they mean a brick and mortar, I always have to tell them to be patient! I believe that we have put together a very quality candle that burns beautifully and smells even better! We hope you enjoy burning them as much as we have enjoyed making them!!